Serpentine Launch - August 28th 2022

Our launch on Sunday 28 August started with magnificent sunshine and blue sky. About 60 members and friends joined to launch a total of 19 rockets. There were many highlights including 4 Level 1 and 3 Level 2 certifications and the launch of the RMIT HIVE Wasp rocket. Following his recent L2 certification, Leondias did a great job for his first time in the LCO role.

Our next launch is Saturday 10 September at Drouin followed by possibly the last launch at Serpentine for this year on Sunday 2 October.


Congratulations to Olesya, Remy, Joseph and Greg on achieving their L1 and Angus, Alex and Conrad L2.

Flight Summary

Class Number Launched
C 1
E 1
G 1
H 5
I 1
J 6
K 3
L 1