Serpentine Launch - 2 Day Event - 23 & 24 April 2022

The Victorian Rocketry Association held our 2-day annual launch at our Serpentine rocket range last weekend. The weather was perfect with blue sky low wind. 110 people attended on Saturday and over 60 on Sunday. It was great to welcome 30 flyers and supporters from South Australia, many of whom had never attended a HPR launch. Quite a few returned back across the border with their Level 1 certifications and one of our ex-Victorian flyers also successfully completed their Level 2 exam and flight.

A large group of us attended a club dinner at the Bridgewater Hotel on Saturday night. We enjoyed a great social evening along with a rocketry and space themed Trivia competition.

We also hosted quite a few visitors that found our group through social media and web searches. They came along to enjoy the launches and, in some cases, will follow-up as new members. We are looking forward to seeing more followers at future launch events.

I'd like to thank Carrie Swenser Photography and Anthony Polleto for their great photos from the weekend. 



Flight Summary

We launched 68 rockets across the two days:

Class Number Launched
A 1
B 3
C 14
D 5
E 1
F 4
G 2
H 19
I 3
J 9
K 5
L 1
M 1


The highlight of the weekend was the incredible number of Certification attempts. Congratulations to all who certified.

Level 1 - 11 successful flights

Samuel N, Annie N, John DL, Matthew A, Samantha C, Alexander U, Shraddha T, Angus McC, James C, Siavash T and Miles R.

Level 2 - 2 successful flights

Ben VDV, Joel T

Level 3 - 1 successful flight

Glenn R